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Welcome to Project Bob! Quite an unusual and underwhelming name for such a vast and deep text based role-playing game (often referred to as a MUD). Most likely it differs from anything you have experienced as far as muds go but is comparable to mainstream computer RPG's such as Diablo, Daggerfall, Might & Magic, etc go. Just a few of the features of Project Bob include:

  • Very random Diablo-esque equipment and loot system
  • Extensive Research, Crafting and Enchanting system allows continuous equipment customization as well as help narrow down item hunting.
  • Perk level advancement provides nearly endless player development. It allows you to upgrade abilities, boost talents, raise important stats & more.
  • Diverse skill group choices offers deep class customization as well as pre-defined classes for a quick start
  • Deep combat stat system where players may succeed through specialization or balance using a variety of spells and/or techniques.
  • An Account system that shares player progress and storage between different characters. No more "starting from scratch"
  • Hundreds of Quests and Event driven tasks as well as randomly generated dungeons ensure there is always something to do

Here at Project Bob there is a strong emphasis on player enjoyment and convenience. As such player feedback and concerns are highly valued. The friendly Admin staff and online Tutors help new players learn the in's and out's of the MUD.

You may also be asking yourself. Why the name Project Bob? As simple and unique a name it may be....an interesting story about the origins of the name lie within.

Take a moment to look around or join us at projectbob.game-host.org 4000 and be sure to ask any questions you may have there or on our online forum!




Mud Announcements

Lets start the new year with Double Exp, now through the weekend!

Happy Holidays! Visit Santa at Market Square! He needs you!

Double Exp through the weekend! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Uncle Fester will be at Market Square through Halloween. It's time to trick or treat!

The mud is overrun with spooky critters! Team up and find treats! You might need them this weekend when Uncle Fester visits!

It just keeps getting spookier as Halloween draws near! Watch out for Skeletons today!

It's Welcome Back Weekend! Celebrate with DOUBLE EXP through Sunday!

Site News: (11/02/10)

News section and character bios page updated!

Site News: (08/25/08

Area map section updated with new maps and artwork. Be sure to check it out!

HUGE news section update as well. Going back to Jan 08!

Site News: (05/12/08)

New versions of the Wikipedia and Forum now up and running.

Anti-Spam code added as well. If you run into any problems please contact us. Massive updates in the wiki have been ongoing for the last month. Be sure to check it out for any questions you may have pertaining to the mud!

Returning Project Bob player? If you enjoy your time here please remember to vote for our MUD at topmudsites.com and Mud Connector You may also write player reviews at our MUD listings here:

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